My first H1 Heading

They did all the paper works for me

Highly recommend this company to everyone! The rebate program helped me save a lot of money. They basically did all the paper works for me and all I had to do was wait for the rebate to mail back to me.

Dirk Rueben

My neighbor and I both got the insulation done on the same day

Fast and friendly service. My friend recommended me to Matthew from Solidcare. I also got my neighbor next door to get attic insulation done. He gave my neighbor and me a very reasonable price. My neighbor and I both got the insulation done on the same day. Highly recommend Solidcore and thank you guys for the service!

Chaya Mac

The sales seriously know the problem

The sales I dealt with seriously know the problem and are friendly. When I have a question, they will respond, explaining the process and their specific product very clearly. It’s very good to come to prepare and then to solve problems, they are professional.

Maurice Hutchinson

Already Received the Rebate Cheque

I contacted Eddie to offer me a free evaluation at first. They were very responsive and quickly helped me complete the work. Now I have received the rebate cheque. Thank you and highly recommendation

Emerie Jackson

Already referred solid care to my friends

Since I have not known really well for the rebate program, they explained it to me in detail and would let me know what I was doing and how the process working. The sales rep is really nice and patient. I have already referred Solid Care to some of my friends. Highly recommended.

Palmer Green